5 Crucial Reasons Branding Matters for Your Medical Practice

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Did you know more than two thirds of businesses fail within their first year? Or that only five percent of those that survive the first year make it to year three? While this may make you feel uneasy about building a medical practice, the five tips in this article will help you learn why branding is crucial to your success, and how to do it properly!

1. Transparency
Today’s educated consumer expects transparency from those they buy products or services from, and your practice is no exception. By treating your patients as individuals, allowing them to learn your practice’s beliefs on your website, and being honest about products and services, your medical practice will be ahead of the competition. Medical practices that fail to do this often lose out on patients who feel they are just trying to make money by selling them unneeded products.

2. SEO That Works for Voice Search
As technology continues to rapidly change, its no longer enough to rank at the top for a traditional Google search. With Siri, Bixby, and Alexa growing in popularity, you need to make sure your medical practice can be found through voice searches as well. If patients can’t find your business in the way they’re most comfortable looking, they’re likely to go with another practice they found before they got to yours. Make sure your strategy includes ranking in voice searches to reach as many potential patients as possible.

3. Social Media
Social media popularity is at an all time high. While you may feel as though nobody would look for a professional service on social media, think again. Creating a Facebook page is an excellent strategy as potential patients will be able to see previous patients praising your practice. You can also upload pictures and status updates to give the consumer an inside look at your brand, creating a human connection that will make them feel more comfortable visiting you. Practices that fail to brand themselves as personable often lose out on many younger patients who are used to researching service providers on social media.

4. Web Design Trends
It seems that each year, web design takes a new direction. Make sure your web pages are up to date to entice potential patients. If your website seems old and outdated, they may feel that you aren’t passionate about your practice, or that you aren’t very personable. Using vibrant colors in your logo and web layout is a trend that is expected to rise in 2018. Implement this strategy so potential patients can see how passionate you are about your practice, and feel comfortable doing business with you.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising
If your practice is just opening up, one strategy may be to make use of pay per click advertising. This is when you become the top result on Google for a certain term, but pay each time someone clicks on your link. However, if you strategically pay to be the top result for when people search for other practices in your area, the amount you pay for a click is very low. Even though you won’t be paying much, you’ll be getting plenty of clicks, and the opportunity to entice potential patients with your vibrant new web pages and transparent information. This tip is all about getting exposure to your new branding.

Just because opening a small business is a tremendous challenge doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. If you follow the five tips in this article, you’ll have a leg up on your competition when it comes to succeeding in the healthcare space.

Posted on January 18, 2018 in branding, SEO, website design

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