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When crafting a website for your medical practice, you’re likely evaluating the information you plan to include. In addition to addressing your own needs in the design stage, you also must consider what patients want to see. If patients don’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they may quickly book an appointment with another doctor who offers a more appealing website design and better content.

Mobile Version
While using a laptop or desktop to conduct research on possible doctors isn’t an archaic endeavor, plenty of people use their phones to scroll through sites. Failure to design your website for mobile compatibility means that mobile users can either struggle to read the content or check out the site of a different doctor. In order to reach potential patients, you must present information to them in the way that they prefer to digest it.

Clear and Concise
People generally want to reduce the amount of time they spending researching, especially if they have a need to book an appointment soon. Part of accomplishing that goal involves a responsive website design that doesn’t take a long time to load. You also should work to reduce the amount of lengthy paragraphs that you have. Blocks of text are often jarring to the modern consumer.

Content Marketing
In place of lengthy pieces of writing, you should employ content marketing techniques. Doing so is useful for SEO purposes, and content marketing can captivate the modern audience. Content marketing involves going beyond informational descriptions and providing blogs on WordPress, photos and videos. For example, a video of you and the other doctors introducing yourselves can help prospective patients to feel more comfortable.

Visible Contact Information

Most avid web surfers know that if they research doctors in their community, they are likely to find ones in neighboring areas as well. Since many people want doctors close to their homes, it’s important for you to provide visible contact information. One of the first questions that individuals often have is where the doctor is located. Answer that question immediately so they don’t have to waste time looking for it. Also, provide your phone number and email address. If you’re going to post an email address or offer a contact-us box, you need to make certain that the inquiries are answered.

Information about Insurance Provider
Plenty of people cannot pay for the entirety of their medical bills out-of-pocket, so they want to ensure that the doctor takes their insurance. Posting the types of insurance and payments that you accept is important. You may want to encourage interested parties to call more to learn about the specific payment options for their needs.

Links to Social Media
Just as integrating strong SEO techniques for your website is important, so is having social media accounts. On your social media page, you can let people know more about you and your practice. You may also host events that you can include information about on these sites. For example, if you are a pediatrician, you may host a party for all of your patients once per year. Links to social media on your website means that individuals can access the information efficiently. Also, many people use social media to learn about businesses and practices, so you’re once again presenting information in a way that people are comfortable absorbing.

Putting together your website in an articulate manner is an important task for your practice. Getting to know your patients and what they want to see is equally important for the success of your medical practice.

Posted on August 13, 2017 in branding, SEO, website design

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