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When it comes to search engine optimization, a fast website, quality content, and seamless navigation is top on the list. However, that is very easy to say. It is not a straightforward thing to do. It requires pertinent industry information for it to be effective. Without critical skills related to the industry, the returns on investment are low. Search engine optimization for doctors is a specialist area.

You have to understand the unique aspects of medical practice to do it well. The sensitivity of data and information is critical when setting up a successful medical practice SEO effort. In this work, we look at what makes our SEO for medical practice a boon. We also look at the specifics of what we do to make sure that your investment on search engine pays.

User experience

Research shows that a great user experience increases the time a person stays on your website. It also shows that that person is likely to buy from the site. If he or she can’t buy, he will share. With 17 years’ experience in web design, we can confidently say we know how to optimize user experience. We have data to back it up.

We would not have served over 300 websites all with exemplary results. Why do we invest in this crucial facet of a site? We rely on insights. We know that 90% of executives think customer experience is a key competitive advantage. We give customers that edge.

Focus on lasting organic search

Thanks to big data, we now know how important organic search is when it comes to e-commerce. SEO for doctors is different from e-commerce, but it borrows some of the tools that the rest of search engine uses. To put is to perspective, 40% of global e-commerce traffic comes from search engines, 35% from organic search.

It tells you that a focus on any other optimization effort should be a bonus. We focus on growing your organic search from the bottom. Cutting corners in this business are punished heavily. Here is how. Google, which controls almost 90% of the global search engine traffic blacklists sites that are trying to cut corners. That will mean you cannot access 92% of global mobile search traffic and 76% of computer search traffic. That will effectively kill your business’s online presence.

Localize search

When you spend a dollar on search engine optimization, you expect results. Three out of every 10 people who click onto local searches end up buying within a 5-mile radius. That is a telling statistic; it tells you that a focus on local search is giving you an opportunity to serve a significant population within your locality. Local SEO efforts will provide you with quality leads that will lead to conversions. We make it possible for the medical practice to funnel search within their locality into paying clients.

Focus on the area of specialization

Medical searches are specific. No one beats around the bush about what he or she wants. A typical search query will look like this, “dentist in Lawrence, KS.” As you can notice, the query is specific to the location and the profession. The client wants a specific item on the search.

Knowing how to structure your keywords in ways that they complement each other can yield significant quality on the leads you generate. Our focus is action-oriented. We have proven results ranking over 500 times in the first page of Google’s SERP. Many people would want to achieve such a feat. We can do it again and again.

Building you as an industry authority

At SEO4Doctors, we know the value of creating you as an industry expert. We focus on generating what will represent you in the best way possible. If you are an expert in a certain field, we make it known to your client. If they want a top doctor in that area, they will have no reason to go elsewhere. We leverage your portfolio, amplify its importance, and personalize its feel for every visitor.

We also deal with online reviews. Occasionally you may get negative feedback. In a world where 90% of the people consider reviews as authority, you need all the positive reviews you can get. How you handle customer complaints will have an impact on your brand. We help you structure your feedback so that you can deal with any negative sentiments before they get out.

Developing content king

According to research, having content is half the battle. Content should essentially have value. It should have shareable qualities. The capacity to be memorable is a bonus. Developing medical content requires experience and sensitivity to the issues at hand.

We don’t just invest your dollars when developing content. Before we spend your dollars on video content and marketing, we interrogate available data on the same. Courtesy of our efforts, we rarely put a foot wrong.


If you want to reap big from your medical SEO investments, we are here to help. We have the expertise and experience required to deliver at the highest level. We know it takes patience and hard work to rank first in the coveted SERP. We have done it countless times. We can do it again for you.

Posted on October 4, 2018 in branding, SEO, website design

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